To be sold as a pair.


Built by Lees Atkins Polesworth in 1928 for John Wilson. It was named after Mabel Wilson.

It worked for for Oxford Canal No.1 Carrying Company.

In 1934 it was fitted with a Petter engine.

In 1959 the Petter was replaced with an Armstrong Siddley.

In 1953/4 it was converted to a hotel boat at Tooleys Yard in Banbury and paired with butty Forget me Not.

Between 1955 they ran as hotel boats until 1999, when they were both left to decline.

In 1999 bought by the Cook family.

"Forget me Not"

One of the last (or the last) Sephton boats Coventry left.

1928 built as a horse boat for Samuel Barlow Coal Company. Grantham as master.

In 1955 it was sold to John Rogers trading as The Inland Navigators it was paired with Mabel.

Both sold to Peter Froud of Preston Brook who ran them as hotel boats until left to decline.

After various other owners it was purchased by the Cook family in 1999.

To be sold as a pair.

Heritage lottery grant may be a possibility in view of the history. They are listed on the historic ships register.

They have been in dry dock several times and had wood replaced beneath the waterline. The topsides look a bit off putting but beneath the waterline they are in good condition.

For Sale for 23 000 for the pair


Would consider a group taking them on and giving them the TLC they deserve.

1000 for the stack of oak.

Lots of original features stored separately from the boats. Featured in book by Robin Smithett 'Precious Cargo'.

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