Bates Boatyard and Dry Dock

Education and Training

Given the increasing rarity of the skills found at the boatyard, education and training has always been a key part of our philosophy. Both yards are used for work experience and the training of young people, as well as an educational experience for school children.


Throughout the life of the boatyard, we have always had young people developing their skills in wooden boatbuilding and woodwork. Many of these skills are generic and transferable to other occupations, but most of young people we have worked with have chosen to continue to use their skills with wooden boats.


Local schools have been welcomed to view bronze pourings and develop portfolios of work for their Art A levels.
We have always sought to undertake our work in as environmentally friendly a way as possible, for example, looking to use as many wind blown oaks as we can and using boats to transport wood where appropriate. The contribution of an agenda 21 SAVE award from the local council has helped publicise these efforts to promote sustainable wooden boat building.
Please contact us if you would like to engage with us from an educational perspective.

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